Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support Includes

Content Management System so you can manage the site
We can fully manage the site for you if you wish
Content changes and updates as required
Design & functionality developments
Daily back-ups
Regular software updates

We are happy to manage your website, including making content changes when requested. We build all websites with a back-end Content Management System and can provide login details that will allow you to access the site and manage it yourself if you so wish.

See below for more on ‘Looking After Your Website’, ‘How Much It Costs & How We Charge’ and ‘Essential Maintenance’,

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If you are in or around Brighton & Hove we can meet for a coffee or if you’re further afield we can call, Skype of FaceTime. There is no commitment at this stage, we’ll just talk about what you are trying to achieve and we’ll tell you how we can help. If you would like to know more before you call, choose from the options below or in the main menu at the top of the page.

Looking After Your Website

Many of our clients want the ability to manage their websites themselves. This includes making changes as and when they need to like adding or removing content, updating images etc. We build every website with a back-end Content Management System. This is an area of the site where you can log in and get access to all of the information on the site and the inner workings of the site.

Adding or changing content is straight forward and we will provide an instruction manual to help you. If you find you don’t have the time to update the site as much as you want to, we provide full support whereby we will action any change you request and charge you an hourly rate for our time.

As we do this every day we are often able to make changes a lot quicker than you will be, at least until you’ve had plenty of practice!

How Much It Costs & How We Charge

The way this works is simple. We always react quickly to customer requests and the first step is tell you how long it will take and when we can do it. We will track the time of each request literally by the minute and each month send you a log detailing any and all work we have done that month.

We don’t round up the time a request takes, if it takes 5 minutes, that’s what we add to the log. We charge a fee of £40 per full hour completed so at the end of a month if your requests have added up to one hour, we will send you an invoice for £40. If your requests don’t add up to an hour we will carry over the log to the next month and so on. After three months if we still haven’t completed an hours work we will send a pro-rata invoice for the time we have completed.

Essential Maintenance - Updates

Your website will be automatically backed up every night. This means a copy of the website will be stored securely so if there is an issue with the site, we can revert back to the previous days back-up almost immediately.

We will recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule in our proposal, to keep all software on the site up to date which in turn keeps the site secure. This will be determined by the size and complexity of the site and the work required for updates.

All computer systems use software that requires updating regularly to ensure it remains secure and works properly. Hackers usually find access to websites via software that is out of date. They do this to either steal information from the site or the user, cause damage to the site purely out of mischief or malice or to take control of the site so they can use it to support other hacking activities.

When we undertake the scheduled monthly maintenance, we will alert you in case you plan to log in and make changes. We will then create a back-up at that time (in case you have made any changes since the previous nights back-up) and then we will update all of the software on the site. Once this is complete we will test everything and create another back-up so the latest back-up is the one with all of the updates.

Whilst we undertake essential maintenance, the website will display a holding page for a few minutes with an appropriate message explaining maintenance is underway. We will schedule maintenance when the site is least busy.




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