On page SEO is all about improving the content of the website, for example using the right words to describe what you do, adding those words in the right places on your site and using images correctly so they can been seen and recognised by search engines.

Knowing what words people use to find your products and services is essential to creating great content. Making sure the right words, phrases and subjects are included in the content of every page will help search engines include those pages in results relevant to the search terms visitors use. Google is the most popular search engine and their philosophy regarding ranking websites is simple. The more relevant and up to date your site is for its visitors, the higher ranking it gets.

Therefore having content that reflects what the potential visitor is searching for and keeping it up to date is extremely important. The higher ranked and more frequently your site appears in the search results list on search engines, the more visitors it will receive and that’s what On Page SEO is for.

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