Mobile Friendly Websites – ‘Responsive Websites’

All Websites We Build Are Mobile Friendly

The technical term is a ‘Responsive Website’
The website automatically resizes & re-formats to fit the device
That includes smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops
A responsive website does NOT cost more, it is standard practice
Non-responsive websites can be altered to be responsive but is often quicker, cheaper & more effective to rebuild the site
Google present non-responsive websites lower in rankings than responsive websites, to ensure users have the best online experience

More Interesting Facts

Over 51% of global internet usage is now via a smartphone or tablet
That’s 46% smartphone & 5% tablet
Over 81% of all UK mobile phones are now smartphones
Over 90% of UK 16-24 yr olds own a smartphone
Over 50% of UK 55-64 yr olds own a smartphone (up 30% in 3 yrs)
Over 80% of UK smartphone users buy products using their phones
Over 60% users leave non-responsive websites without browsing
Approx. 80% of small businesses do not have a responsive website

More About Mobile Friendly ‘Responsive’ Websites

The term responsive refers to the websites ability to automatically change and re-size to fit the screen size it is being viewed on. We’ve all seen non-responsive websites, fonts are too small to read, pages don’t fit the screen and menus often just don’t work at all.

Any self respecting techie will you that it is essential to have a responsive website as the growth in the use of smartphone and tablet technology has, in just a few short years, significantly changed the way we access the internet. Not only are more people than ever using smartphones and tablets to access the internet but search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo prioritise websites that are responsive in their results listings over websites that are not.

So What Do You Need to Do?

Every website we build is responsive. This doesn’t cost extra, it’s standard practice now and it’s essential. If you already have a website that is non-responsive, we can re-build it quickly and easily if you keep the existing design and don’t change the content, i.e. the words and images.

That said it’s always worth revisiting designs and content regularly anyway. There are constant improvements and innovations in website functionality that can improve the look and feel of a website and the message and information published on your website might need updating as time moves on.

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