Domain name costs can vary depending on where you buy them. They are purchased on licence and the fee usually starts at around £5 per year for a address and £9 per year for a .com address. If a domain is already owned by someone but it’s not in use, when you search it on your browser you will most likely be redirected to the website of the person or company that owns it and here you may be able to buy it from them. They will charge you what they think it’s worth and may start off by asking you to make an offer. Don’t start too high but be realistic.

You need to decide what you think it’s worth. Don’t get too hung up on a specific domain name though. Yes its better if its easy to remember and catchy but a lot of people will find your site through search engines in which case your SEO is far more important that your domain name. Many people will see your web address on business cards, letterhead or advertisments and most browsers remember domain names once visited so we don’t really have to memorise them.

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