The Smartphone Revolution

The first smartphone was launched in 1994 by IBM but it only worked on a limited network that spanned just a few US states. Within a few years Nokia, Ericsson, Palm and Blackberry got in on the act. Whilst this new technology was impressive, it was expensive and...

21st Century Shopping Centre

The internet is the biggest retail outlet in the world and it’s getting bigger. In the UK alone we spent £130 billion shopping online in 2016, compare that to £78 billion in 2012 and you can see just how fast online sales is growing. Enormous Global businesses like...

Mind Control Tablets – no its not April fools

Engineers at Samsung have successfully launched an application and made selections on a Galaxy tablet by concentrating on a blinking icon. Whilst the technology is years away from general use and currently requires the user to wear a cap studded with EEG...

WordPress Platform Attacked by Botnet

Wordpress has been the victim of a ‘botnet’ attack targeting Wordpress websites with the username ‘Admin’. The botnet (a network of computers, often home computers that have been hacked into and effectively hijacked) try’s thousands of possible passwords in an attempt...

How to optimise your website for SEO

On page SEO is all about improving the content of the website, for example using the right words to describe what you do, adding those words in the right places on your site and using images correctly so they can been seen and recognised by search engines. Knowing...

How to drive traffic to your website with SEO

Off Page SEO is the work done away from your site, for example ‘link building’ which involves building links from other website to your site, adding your site to on-line directories – the general kind like 192, Thomsons and directories set up specifically for SEO and...

How much will my website cost?

That depends on the time it takes. Our proposal will include a detailed process and cost which we will finalise and agree as a plan of action before work starts. From that point onward the cost won't change unless you want to change the plan. Sometimes when we are in...

How long does a new website take?

That depends on the website. A simple brochure site with a few pages and limited information may just take a week to build whereas an online shop with hundreds of products or services, data capture requirements and payment processing tools could take a few weeks or...

Who will build my website?

One member of our team will own the creation of your website which includes all contact with you, from beginning to end. We have lots of different skill sets and specialisations across the team and we work closely together supporting each other whenever we need help,...

How do I update my website?

There are two aspects of your website that may need updating; a) the platform and functionality that your site is built on and b) the content i.e. the words and images that appear on each page We will integrate a Content Management System (CMS) into your website. This...

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